Passenger live tweets hilarious fight between flight attendants

Video Shows Pilot Tackle Passenger Who Pushed Flight Attendant

Flight delays are a pain, but can be inevitable. Sometimes the weather is responsible, or one late flight can result in a domino effect.

In this instance, however, the reason was not in the norm: flight attendants fought before the plane took off.

Broadcaster and journalist Dan Lobb live tweeted the entire incident:

Lobb could not believe the flight was delayed over a seemingly ridiculous argument between crew members, but at some point another steward came on the loud speaker to explain.

Not only that, but the flight Lobb was on was only supposed to be an hour long:

Apparently, the flight attendants could not tolerate each other for that amount of time, so replacement crew members had to be brought in. At the end of the day, the plane was delayed an hour and a half.

PHOTOS: See Lobb's entire recount of the experience:

Passenger live tweets flight attendant fight
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Passenger live tweets flight attendant fight
This is a first. My @easyJet flight has returned to gate because the cabin crew have had a tiff! 1 crew member being offloaded. Delayed.
Because a couple crew members don't get on, the whole @easyJet flight has been delayed!! Unbelievable.
This is a first. My @easyJet flight has returned to gate because the cabin crew have had a tiff! 1 crew member being offloaded. Delayed.
Update. Doors open, 3 @easyJet cabin crew members are on the cockpit having s meeting!!
The @easyJet captain is explaining why we're being delayed! This is unreal. 2 crew members being offloaded!!
Some more context for you - these @easyJet crew only had to get through ONE day together in order to avoid this. A 1 hour flight to Belfast.
"Please be patient with us" says the captain. Water being offered. Suggests those at the back should come to the front where it's cooler...
This is quite incredible. We've all worked with people we don't get on with right? But this tiff means a 1 hr flight is delayed!! @easyJet
Loads of kids on this flight, a few babies - what a ridiculous situation. Captain doing his best but everyone is agog! @easyJet
"Ok...if we continue this tiff then the passengers will suffer. If we leave it then they won't suffer at all........sod 'em, let's continue"
They just don't like each other!! A disagreement over unwrapping water bottles or something!!
Replacement @easyJet crew are on their way! Ones called Katie Hopkins & the other Piers Morgan. I think they'll get on just fine...
One hour after departure time & 2 new @easyJet crew members are on board! Doors being closed...again. Wonder if @easyJet will respond...?
Right, one of the original crew is doing a safety briefing. Time to change mode. I hope we've all learned something here today @easyJet
Landed roughly 90 mins late. To all news people asking, feel free to use pic. In the circumstances the captain spoke really well to us!
Do you cover this in training? @easyJet
Just to finish my @easyJet day on a positive note, I didn't pass any empty seats and found mine with ease. 1C.

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