Angry 1934 letter from Bonnie and Clyde goes up for auction

Angry 1934 Letter From Bonnie and Clyde Up for Auction

By: Keri Lumm

Bonnie and Clyde were a couple in love with each other -- and with robbing banks and killing people. It was The Great Depression, and they did their part to make it more depressing.

Now we have this amazing letter, which will be sold to the highest bidder through RR Auctions. The letter was written by Clyde Barrow in April of 1934. Clyde was understandably upset with Raymond Hamilton, a man whom Clyde freed from the Easton Prison Farm.

You would think that would buy some loyalty, but apparently it did not. Clyde didn't hold back his ire from Hamilton after he was arrested again.

He calls the man "yellow," and tells him he has no sympathy for him-- but does hope he can avoid the electric chair.

The letter confirms that things were fine with the Barrow gang until Hamilton fell in love with a prostitute, Mary O'Dare. Bonnie and Clyde were suspicious of her, thinking she was a rat, and as it turns out, she was. The result was Hamilton's arrest and this letter.

Unfortunately for Hamilton, he did not avoid the electric chair, and was executed on May 10, 1935.

But thanks to this letter, written in beautiful cursive, we know that Clyde didn't care.

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