6 natural ways to get fuller lips without surgery

6 natural ways to plump up your lips
6 natural ways to plump up your lips

Bigger, fuller lips are one of the most wanted beauty features. Celebs like Kylie Jenner, Kat Von D and Ashley Tisdale have even created cosmetic lines to enhance your face. Lucky for you, there are easy and natural ways to plump up your lips without paying a huge price. Here are some pointers

Peppermint oil
Not only does this oil have a soothing effect on your skin, but it's known to increase lip fullness and color. Peppermint oil gently irritates your lips without the swelling.

Exfoliating your lips with coconut oil and sugar will increase blood-flow to your lips, leaving you with a touch of volume and rosy color.

Applying makeup highlighter above the cupid's bow of your lips and down the center of your lower lip, will reflect light giving the illusion of larger lips.

Just a dab of honey will make your lips super moisturized. Hydrating your lips is key to make them naturally fuller

Add a mixture of cinnamon and olive oil together and apply on your lips Cinnamon is known to be a natural irritant. It will leave your lips feeling tender, soft and full.

Icing your lips temporarily will compress your blood vessels to make them look red and plump. Massaging an ice cube on your lips for 2 minutes will give you instant results.

Line your lips
Slightly over-lining with a lip liner will give you larger looking lips in a matter of seconds. Stick with a natural peachy color feather out the liner in small strokes.

See all the celebrities who are rocking the trendy dark lip color: