Robbery victim writes unbelievable note to thief

Remorseful Thief Leaves Behind Money, Apology Note

For the most part, people are outraged when they are robbed -- and if they were able to talk to the person who stole from them, they would not be kind. One store owner in Brooklyn, however, took a different approach.

A Reddit user in the same neighborhood posted a photo of the note he left the robber:

Credit: Reddit

The long note looks like a screenshot of a fake email, addressed to "ToOneWhoBrokeThroughCOCOA," and the subject reads "IFORGIVEYOU."

Despite the merciful subject, the first paragraph takes a stand to criticize the thief. Apparently, the neighborhood restaurants have been experiencing a slew of robberies. This particular instance, the Brooklyn café Cocoa Grinder was burgled and the door left broken.

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The note author hopes the thief sees this. "I didn't report this," he wrote, "and I didn't check the cameras to see who you are." He said that whether the thief stole to benefit his family or to "ruin yourself and health," he forgives.

He then prayed for the thief.

There are varying views on the poster. Some Reddit users saw the owner as naive while others praised his attitude:

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