Mom uses social media to raise awareness for her condition

Surprise for Woman with Lymphedema

It's undeniable that pregnancy changes women's bodies, but some are affected in different ways than others. Sarah Buller, a former model from Australia, underwent changes while carrying her first child -- and she says her body hasn't been the same since.

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Buller suffers from Primary Lymphedema, which causes one of her legs to swell to twice the size of the other. According to her blog, this began in 2013 when she was three months pregnant. Initially, she thought it was routine swelling that happened during pregnancy. Within a few weeks, though, she realized it was different.

She went to the doctor and underwent tests to see what the swelling was. While her doctors said it would go away when she gave birth, it didn't. Several months later, she was diagnosed -- and her doctor told her that her leg would be like this the rest of her life.

At first, Buller was in denial. "I really didn't understand what Lymphedema was and was pretty inconsistent with wearing my compression stockings because I genuinely believed that it would just go away one day," she said. She realized after her second pregnancy in 2015, however, that it was not going away.

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Woman spreads the word about Lymphedema on Instagram
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Woman spreads the word about Lymphedema on Instagram
Mornings are the best... I can see a small difference in my leg when I look at this photo (comparing it to my pre-op photos)... Results are slow but I have hope. 🙏🏼 #lymphedema #lymphoedema #bandaging #physiotherapy #kiné #lymphnodes #lymphdrainage #lymphaticdrainage #lymphaticsystem #lymphedemaawareness #vlnt #lymphnodetransfer #linfedema
Was just about to fall asleep and decided to rip off my Circaid bandages (had them for three days now)... I get a pretty crazy pattern happening on my leg and its hard to get the pressure right sometimes with the velcro bands-- but I have to say its a billion times better than traditional bandages. Ive still got my "home made" toe bandages on in this photo (cant wait to receive my toe sock/ cap thing 😬)... But yeah, I can see some difference in my leg tonight after compressing it well this afternoon.
#lymphedema #lymphaticsystem #lymphnodes #lymphaticdrainage #lymphie #lymphnodetransfer #vlnt
Ankle blow out from my new #Circaid #reductionkit . I think they need to re-think the "reduction" part of their branding. Tomorrow I will call Medi France and discuss this with them because its just not good enough. I've never had this happen so badly with traditional bandages... 😞😩 #medi #compression #lymphedema #blowout #kankle #lymphaticdrainage #lymphoedema #reductionkit
While I have your attention, I'd like to show you all the three types of surgeries that exist to treat Lymphedema. YES, surgeries DO exist!! The picture above is before and after the SAPL procedure (a special kind of liposuction specifically for Lymphedema). My friend has Secondary LE following cancer. The results speak for themselves. This was performed in the USA and if you want more information, check out @lymph_it_up . Thank you for sharing your images and story with us @lymph_it_up showing the rest of the LE community what is possible!! #lymphedema #secondarylymphoedema #surgery #sapl
Surgery #3 that is available for Lymphedema: LVA (Lymphatic venous anastomosis)... Thanks to @lymphie_me for sharing her photos and story... (Before surgery left photo, after surgery right photo). Her results are also incredible and inspiring. The LVA procedure involves connecting very small lymph vessels directly into small veins, allowing lymphatic fluid to bypass blockages and flow more easily. #LVA #lymphovenousbypass #lymphaticsystem #lymphedema #solutions #awareness

Buller tried to control the swelling every day by wearing compression clothes, elevating her leg and taking supplements -- but not only was all of that not helping, it was seemingly making it worse. Feeling isolated and worried, she searched "#lymphedema" on Instagram where she found an entire online community of people like her.

Through Instagram, she found out about surgery. She founded her blog The Lymphosaurus Rex and Instagram account not only to document her surgery experience, but to spread the word. "We are not circus freaks and Lymphedema is not a joke," she wrote in a blog post.

She continued, "Nor is it a life sentence. Thanks to advances in technology, we now have three surgical procedures that exist to treat our Lymphedema."

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