Remember the cast of 'The Mighty Ducks'? Here's what they look like 20 years later!

Remember Fulton Reed From 'The Mighty Ducks'?

For many kids of the 90s, 'The Mighty Ducks' is one of the most sacred and appreciated sports movies of all time.

The film follows a team of teenaged hockey players as they're coached from mediocrity to fame. Their climb through the ice hockey ranks is chronicled through this three-part legendary movie series.

It's been It's been over 20 years since we first cheered on Gordon Bombay's hockey team in 'The Mighty Ducks', so it's time to catch up and see what your favorite hockey prodigies have been up to over the years!

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Gordon Bombay — Emilio Estevez


Emilio Estevez played in all three Ducks movies and continued acting. Estevez is also the father of two kids, Taylor and Paloma, and he operates a small vineyard with his wife in Malibu.

Charlie Conway — Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson got his big break after in 'Dawson's Creek,' playing Pacey Witter in all six seasons. Since then, he's continued his acting career in multiple TV shows and over 30 films.

Fulton Reed — Elden Henson


Elden Henson has done pretty well for himself since the series. Since his time on the rink as a Ducks player, he's one of the few that has gone on to continue an acting career. He's played in star-studded movies suck as 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay,' 'The Butterfly Effect,' 'Under the Tuscan Sun' and 'Daredevil.'

Guy Germaine — Garette Ratliff Henson


Garette Ratliff Henson, Elden's brother, took a break from acting to attend Sarah Lawrence College. Now, although less involved with acting, he's dabbling in movies again and lives in New York with his wife and son.

Goldberg — Shaun Weiss


Shaun Weiss is best-known for playing Greg Goldberg, but since then, you've seen the slimmed-down Weiss in 'Drillbit Taylor,' his own TV series and multiple commercials.

Connie Moureau — Marguerite Moreau


Marguerite Moreau continued her acting career after 'The Mighty Ducks,' but she also attended school at Vassar College. She had roles in 'The O.C.,' 'Mad Men,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Parenthood' and 'Shameless.'

Karp — Aaron Schwartz


Aaron Schwartz made a total transformation with age! He hung up his skates to appear in 'The Adventures of Pete & Pete' and played Dorota's husband in 'Gossip Girl.'

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Jesse Hall — Brandon Quentin Adams


Brandon Quintin Adams kept a thriving acting career during his teen years, appearing on 'Boy Meets World,' 'Sister, Sister' and 'Moesha.'

Tommy Duncan — Danny Tamberelli


Danny Tamberelli was the adorable red-headed child who was the youngest among his Ducks teammates. Since his days of looking up to the older kids on the squad, he's made a name for himself in the voiceover and comedy ranks. He's appeared on Nickelodeon shows throughout his career.

Averman — Matt Doherty


Matt Doherty starred in all three movies before appearing in 'Grey's Anatomy' and attending Northwestern University's theater school. Now, he's rumored to be a playwright.

Adam Banks — Vincent Larusso


Vincent Larusso's acting career reached its peak with 'The Mighty Ducks,' but since the movies, he graduated with a management degree from Boston University. Nowadays, he lays pretty low in his home of Los Angeles.

Tammy Duncan — Jane Plank


Jane Plank appeared in the Christmas movie 'Jingle All The Way' shortly after her time on the Ducks squad. Since then, she swapped out her acting career to pursue music. She regularly sings the National Anthem at sporting events, and can be seen performing at local cafes in Minnesota.

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