Can cashing in on the pajama trend actually make you chic?

I've never met a woman who said, "Hold the chic, I've got plenty," ever. Women are always in search of more chic. It's a calorie-less substance that is as delicious as it is evasive, and we can never seem to get enough. It's better than chocolate. There I said it.

As I was pulling my newly chopped 'do back into a baby ponytail/rattail I felt that same old excitement at the prospect of finally acquiring another sixpence of chic with the recent purchase of a satin pajama nightgown shirt from H&M. OK, truth be told, it's a dress. But I'll be damned if Mr. Sandman didn't bring me a dream.


Wearing midnight blue satin nightgowns to dinner is one way to afford you some extra chic. Conversely, you can opt for a silk or satin pajama top and pants, slip on a pair of oxfords – I would do Gucci's with the fur. One thing I would never EVER do with the pajama trend is wear any type of bag other than a clutch. A pretty clutch reminds everyone that you're not actually wearing pajamas, but evening wear.

And albeit, you can tuck into bed straightaway without so much as a Neutrogena face wipe, but isn't that the definition of living the dream?


I could actually wear this satin nightgown with my Miu Miu ballerinas on repeat, like, as a uniform. The pairing of the mismatched ribbons, gingham and black, the nude leather slipper harking back to my ballerina days, and the cool fabric draped over my entire body like snow on Christmas morning.

I'm wearing: H&M Satin Blue Shirt Dress; $69.99 // Miu Miu Ballerinas available at Saks Fifth Avenue; $600 // Chanel vintage earrings, approx $1500 // Taudrey Destiny Heart Necklace; $48 // Taudrey Gold Petite Heart Necklace; $38 // Ever New clutch available at CF Toronto Eaton Centre location.

Photography by Alexander Liang

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