5 under-the-radar movies to watch on Netflix

The Top 5 Most Binge-Worthy Shows on Netflix (as Selected by You)

When you think of Netflix these days, you probably think of awesome original series such as House of Cards, Stranger Things and Narcos. But Netflix is also home to a vast collection of movies — some of which you probably haven't seen.

There are so many hidden gems to be found in Netflix's library of titles, we thought you could use a few recommendations for those nights when you can't find (or agree on) something to watch. There's a little something for everyone below, so you really can't go wrong. Enjoy...


Mashable Recommends:Clerks - Kevin Smith's influential cult classic is ready to serve a new generation. You'd think most people with a Netflix account would have already seen this, but you can't trust kids to watch a black-and-white movie these days. That's why we need to stress the importance of this raunchy comedy, which launched Smith as a filmmaker and doubled as the disenfranchised voice of the blue-collar worker. Speaking of which...

If You've Already Seen It:Dutch - This road comedy stars Ed O'Neill (Modern Family) as a scheme who must retrieve his girlfriend's snobby, rich-kid son (Ethan Embry) from private school and bring him home for the holidays. They bond during a crazy trip, but the fun is in the bumps along the way.


Mashable Recommends:Can't Hardly Wait - This 1998 gem is a modern classic and one of a handful of '90s movies to capture the spirit of John Hughes' beloved '80s movies. Refreshingly written and directed by both a man (Harry Elfont) and a woman (Deborah Kaplan), the film is set during a high school graduation party where nice guy Preston Meyers (Ethan Embry again!) plans to tell his longtime crush Aman-duh (Jennifer Love-Hewitt) that he loves her. I love everything about this movie, from its soundtrack to its X-Files nerds, and I'm confident you will too.

If You've Already Seen It:Mean Creek - Pretty much the polar opposite of Can't Hardly Wait, this riveting drama follows a group of kids who set out to humiliate a bully (a young, overweight Josh Peck!) during a boating trip. Of course, things don't go according to plan...


Mashable Recommends:Force Majeure - In this pitch-black Swedish comedy, an avalanche strikes a ski resort and at the moment of impact, a husband and father of two instinctively puts himself before his family, causing tension in his marriage. Ruben Ostend's movie — which was supposed to be remade with Julia Louis-Dreyfus — is steeped in many small truths and prompts a great "what if..." discussion. Critics lapped up its bitter taste, and you will too if you give it a fair shot.

If You've Already Seen It:The Wave - In keeping with the natural disaster theme, this Norwegian movie concerns a big-ass wave that threatens a small mountain town. Not only will it have you on the edge of your seat, but it helped director Roar Uthaug win the Tomb Raider job.


Mashable Recommends:Equilibrium - Before he played Batman, Christian Bale showed off his gun kata skills in this bad-ass sci-fi movie set in a dystopian future where citizens are required to take drugs each day to suppress their emotions and creativity. Bale plays a high-ranking law enforcement officer who accidentally misses a dose and starts experiencing emotions that prompt him to fight on behalf of a resistance movement. Taye Diggs, eternal tough guy Sean Bean and top character actor William Fichtner co-star in Kurt Wimmer's 2002 action extravaganza, which was unfairly dismissed as a Matrix rip-off upon its release.

If You've Already Seen It:Running Scared - No, not the Billy Crystal movie from 1986. This oddly captivating nightmare stars Paul Walker as a low-level Mafia hood and it's totally bonkers, so be prepared for anything. Seriously.


Mashable Recommends:Following - Speaking of Batman, long before Christopher Nolan tackled the Dark Knight trilogy, he made his directing debut with this black-and-white noir about a young writer who follows strangers around the streets of London, hoping to draw inspiration for a novel. When he begins following a successful burglar, he finds himself enamored with the man's lifestyle and drawn into a seedy criminal underworld. Even at an early age, Nolan's storytelling skills are apparent, and the film lends insight into what makes the director tick. If you've wondered where Leonardo DiCaprio's name in Inception came from, this is your movie.

If You've Already Seen It:Tiny Furniture - Staying on theme, it was this early movie from Girls creator Lena Dunham that helped catapult her to the big leagues at HBO. Imagine a feature-length episode of the show, but with Dunham's real family alongside Jessa and Ray.

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