7 Common foods that can actually harm you

7 Common foods that can actually be deadly

You can never be too careful with the foods you eat. These are just some of many common lethal foods that you should think twice before consuming.

Unpasteurized honey has harmful toxins such as grayanotoxin. If consumed it may cause weakness, excessive sweating and vomiting.

Ever heard of toadstools? They may look like edible mushrooms, but if you're in the wild avoid them at all cost as they are extremely poisonous.

This spice isn't as sweet as it sounds. Nutmeg is actually a hallucinogenic- 0.3 oz. of nutmeg if consumed, can lead to convulsions and seizures

This nut packs a punch. When served raw, these almonds are loaded with cyanide. In order to treat for toxins the almonds must go through a specialized heat treatment.

A cherry's flesh is safe to eat, however be careful not to consume the pit which contains hydrogen cyanide which is known to weaken the nervous system. Even chewing slightly on the seed may cause a potential threat

This fish has traces of mercury which is known to harm the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, and immune system if taken in high volume.

This vegetable may offer plenty of health benefits, but it's their green leaves you should stay clear of. They contain the poison Glycoalkaloid known to upset your stomach and cause severe cramping.

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Common household foods that could kill you
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Common household foods that could kill you

1. Cherries 

If you’re thinking about swallowing come cherries whole; think twice. What’s actually inside of the pit could kill you. It's incredibly hard to open, but if you get inside, the pits actually contain elements of cyanide.

2. Rhubarb 

 There’s a reason why the rhubarb stalk is the only used part of this veggie. The leaves contain deadly concentrations of Oxalic acid, which is an ingredient in bleach. Eat a a little and your mouth and throat will burn; eat a lot and you could die.

3. Cinnamon

Remember that table spoon of cinnamon challenge? If you don’t, you’re better off. Poison Control shut it down. Eating cinnamon isn’t the problem, inhaling it is where danger lies. Inhaled cinnamon causes inflammation to the lungs eventually cutting off air supply.

4. Almonds

Believe it or not, but there are some almonds that aren’t safe to eat, like bitter almonds. But don’t worry, we eat the ‘sweet’ variations of almonds. However, if you ever come across a wild, raw bitter almond, eat a few and you’ll get a belly ache, eat 50 or more and you’ll be pushing daisies. 

5. Lima Beans

And finally, Lima beans. If only we can go back in time and give a big “told you so” to our parents. We knew Lima beans were deadly, now there's proof. There’s hydrogen cyanide in raw lima beans, and if you eat enough of them you’ll be swimming with the fishes.


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