9 Sizzlin' facts about bacon

9 Sizzlin' facts about bacon

Feast your eyes on these sizzlin' facts about the world's most beloved food.

Bacon has been around for centuries. Dating back in 1500 B.C. the Chinese began preserving and salting pork bellies.

Bacon can cure hangovers. Researcher Elin Roberts says a bacon sandwich has a mix of carbs and amino-acids which helps speed up the metabolism to get rid of alcohol quickly

Bacon may be a slightly healthier choice. A slice of cured bacon contains 54 calories, while one sausage link contains 75 calories.

Bacon may help you live longer. Nature Chemical Biology researchers found that bacon contains traces of vitamin B3, which is known to promote health brain function.

You can drink bacon-flavored alcoholic beverages. There are available in various choices of beer, vodka and bourbon flavors

Choline a nutritious compound found in foods eggs, milk and chicken, is also found in pork, which could actually boost child brain development.

Bacon has been to the moon. Neil Armstrong's first meal in space was peaches, sugar cookies coffee and bacon.

The retailer J&D foods sells some interesting bacon merchandising. Available on their website is bacon scented underwear and bacon-flavored lip balms

BLT sandwiches became a popular food item during World War II.

Cheers to eating more bacon!

Spice up your food by adding a little bacon flare:

Things you should be adding bacon to
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Things you should be adding bacon to

Add bacon to your guacamole. Extra twist: spoon that guacamole into a boiled egg!

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Wrap bacon around your stuffed jalapenos.

(Photo via Shutterstock)

Bacon adds another delicious layer to caramelized brussels sprouts.

(Photo via Shutterstock)

Get some pork with your pork by wrapping your hot dogs in bacon. 

(Photo by Fumiaki Yamazaki via Getty Images)

Bacon always belongs inside roasted potato skins. 

(Photo via Lauri Patterson via Getty Images)


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