5 gadgets you absolutely need in your life

5 Home Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed

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Sometimes it feels like gadgets can read our minds. And we can't help but think that's a good thing. From losing your car keys to losing your car in the mall parking lot, these 5 gadgets will solve all of life's inconveniences.

Find your car exactly where you left it in the mall parking lot instead of searching for hours with this car locator. Plus once you're back on the road, it will charge up your phone too.
Can’t seem to keep track of your phone or your keys? Attach a tracker to any item and you'll always know the location thanks to the handy Nut Find app.
This solar battery charges all your devices with the power of the sun. It’s perfect for staying charged with your toes in the sand or throughout an action-packed day out on the town.

Make your iPhone charging station more than a necessity. Make it part of your home decor. This iPhone Charging Dock Station comes in Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver to match your phone and look great in any office or bedroom space. 

Stash this iOS charger next to your bed or next to the cushy spot on the couch for staying charged while you binge watch Gilmore Girls reruns. It even lights up when you touch it so you'll easily find your phone in the dark.

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