This Charming New Doughnut Shop's Flavors Include Nutella-S'more and 'Everything Bagel'

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There's no better time than right now to eat doughnuts, and Grindstone Coffee & Donuts — which recently opened in Sag Harbor — is the latest exemplaryshop. Owner Kyle Shanahan uses a 48-hour-proof brioche-style dough, non-bromated flour, and local milk and eggs to make light, airy doughnuts in flavors like lemon-poppy-seed, chai, and — why not? — a savoryeverything-bagel flavor.

"We take cues from Michael Pollan's Food Rules," Shanahan explains — which sounds odd, considering his product. "It matters what you eat, obviously, but more and more in this country, especially with all the GMO stuff going on, it matters more and more what's inside your food, rather than what it is that you eat. So we use all the bestingredients."

Check out Grindstone's delicious creations:

Grindstone coffee and donuts -- smore's donut, everything bagel donut
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Grindstone coffee and donuts -- smore's donut, everything bagel donut
a #Grindstone favorite: the #nutella s'mores donut 📸 @cooperphotog #🍩 #☕️ #donuts #coffee #sagharbor #donutworry #behappy #hamptons #smores #marshmallow
everything bagel brioche donut with bacon, egg & cheese #grindstoner
Who says #donuts can't be healthy? #guiltypleasure #darkchocolate #raspberry #brioche donuts, all day at #grindstonecoffeeanddonuts #hamptons #sagharbor #☕️ #donutworry #🍩
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Clockwise from top left: Everything Bagel Donut, Strawberry Buttermilk with Rainbow Sprinkles, Grindstone Glaze, Blueberry Lemon, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, and Chocolate Coconut. Photo by our awesome friend @cooperphotog #grindstonecoffeeanddonuts #sagharbor #hamptons #fourbarrelcoffee #donutworry
Great shot of @grindstonecoffee 🍩s by @nytfood
Sure, I'll take one of everything @grindstonecoffee #sagharbor #hamptons #donuts
Good stuff. @grindstonecoffee @chefsymon
Complimentary coffee and donuts today until 6pm!! Get them while they're hot! (Oh wait-- they will be made fresh all day😭)

Shanahan wanted to create some kind of food-centric community hangout, and decided on doughnuts, which he sells for $2.75, because "nothing pairs better with coffee." (He's one of the few East Coast shops to brew San Francisco–based Four Barrel.) He also knew that he had to be strategic to make a small business work in a beach town: Doughnuts are easily transportable to the beach, and, unlike ice cream, are just as appealing in the quieter, colder months. "I'm a year-round Hamptons resident, and I hate when places close after the summer," he says. "Those are actually the places that don'tsurvive."

Less than a month after opening, it looks like Grindstone is thriving — to the point where the freshly fried doughnuts often sell out by 3 p.m. The most popular is the Nutella-s'more, but the everything-bagel flavor — of which there are admittedly other examples — certainly turns heads. "The doughnut by itself has almost no sugar in it; all the sugar comes from the toppings," Shanahan says. "With cream-cheese spread and the spices, it literally tastes just like a super-lightbagel."

Shanahan also takes cues from another famous Michael in the food world: hisstepfather Michael Symon, the James Beard Award–winning chef and host of The Chew. Symon is often dashing around the shop in anapron, chatting up customers and helpingfry.

"I see it like learning the family trade," Shanahan says. "I watched him and my mom build their first restaurant — the first Lola — when I was 8. He made sure that he let me do this myself, but whenever I ask him a question, he gives me solid answers. It's so cool to finally be able to work as hard as I've seen him work. And for him to say that he's proud of me is amazing, because he's the most hardworking person I've ever known in mylife."

Grindstone, 7A Main St., Sag Harbor; nophone

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