There are now high-tech tattoos that can control your phone

These High-Tech Flash Tattoos Can Be Used to Control Your Phone

Named DuoSkin, the temporary tattoos are applied to your skin normally. The tattoo has sensors, which act similarly to a track pad on your laptop or phone.

Not only can you control music by merely swiping your wrist, but the tattoo also lets you "share feelings" with your partner. The special app is called "Couples Harmony" and is essentially a mood button.

They're truly the tattoos of the future.

Scroll through below to see more futuristic tattoos:

3-D tattoos gain popularity
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3-D tattoos gain popularity
I saw this HEALED 3D ray gun on Andy today. PEW PEW!
3D pizza slice from yesterday evening. Thanks Cass! Safe travels ✌️
✨🚀✨3D rocket for Raina!
3D Ziggy for Elise, thanks and have fun visiting #Portland!
This fun little 3D suitcase got me dreamin' of warmer places 🌴😎🌴 thanks Ryan, safe travels back to LA!
Today was awesome! I had a great time chatting with people and tattooing flash designs all day. Thanks everyone who got tattooed today! And thanks Amelia for getting this rad 3D camp scene ✌️😊 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ #darkartists #tattoodo #skinartmag #tattoorevuemag #tattrx #thelostcause #portland #pdx #pdxtattoo #portlandtattoo #portlandoregon #campingtattoo #mountaintattoo #3Dtattoo #thelostcause #equilattera
Number 2 for Austin's 1st tattoo! Thanks dude! Done at #valentinestattooseattle

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