Celebrate Olympic legend Michael Phelps with must-have memorabilia

AP: Is Michael Phelps the G.O.A.T?

No means no. No amount of cajoling, arm-twisting and pleading by his team mates and swimming fans around the world will make Michael Phelps change his mind about retiring after the Rio Olympics.

The great American swimmer made that abundantly clear, but it doesn't mean we can't continue to commemorate his incredible career. Check out some hot items every Michael Phelps fan needs:

You can get Michael Phelps' autograph put into a frame -- and have the ultimate conversation starter in your home. "I got this during the final week of the legend's career" sounds pretty cool.
The perfect gift for any swimmer -- or a great piece to hang on the wall of your own home.
If you need motivation at the gym, just look down at your shirt.
Either way, it's the perfect work-out shirt that means you take your fitness seriously.
Because who doesn't love a good throwback? Put it in a frame, and boom -- awesome memorabilia piece.
This quote from Phelps is perfect for your office.
Arguably the best shirt we've seen this summer.
These goggles have a patented curved lens for expanded field of vision, which allows the swimmer to see walls and the competition without altering his or her head position. Ah, so that's his secret ...
If you're a swimmer, this is a must-have.
Well, this is awesome.

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