You've never seen baby food quite like this

You've Never Seen Baby Food Quite Like This

By: Sean Dowling

Here comes the airplane, full of baby food, but we're not talking about your everyday mushy applesauce.

The Little Foodie Club is making babies smile from ear to wear by serving them some pretty adult ingredients, like yellow squash and bell pepper with olive oil and basil.

Not quite what you may have eaten as a little tyke, right?

The founder of the LA-based company wants to palette-train children not to be picky eaters and introduce them to a variety of spices, textures and ingredients that go beyond pureed carrots.

They use a medley of rainbow carrots that are just too pretty to eat!

The result is a group of babies who aren't phased by any wacky ingredients, including coconut curry.

The Little Foodie Club delivers organic, gourmet, pureed baby food to LA and Orange County moms. They also recently introduced food for toddlers.

However, the price tag on these meals may be a little higher than Gerber: 20 meals go for $120.

It may be worth the price tag, though. Compare their purees with the leading brand, and the difference is clear.

The company believe introducing your child to unique and natural flavors at a young age will make them more likely to choose healthy fruits and vegetables once they're older.

So the next time your baby starts making a grumpy face at the dinner table, maybe some quinoa, fennel and rutabaga will do the trick!

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