Vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine has an amazing hidden talent

Watch Tim Kaine Play Harmonica on Campaign Trail

Tim Kaine is a lawyer, a senator from Virginia, Hillary Clinton's running mate and an extravagant harmonica player.

The 58-year-old, who Jezebel has called "your dad," played with a bluegrass band at Catawba Brewery in Asheville, North Carolina on Monday night.

He performed the legendary (and challenging) song "Wagon Wheel."

This shouldn't be a surprise because he told told CNN that he has "six harmonicas in my briefcase at all times."

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Politico reports that during the jam session, Kaine's wife Anne Holton "clogged to the side of the stage."

He's not the only politician with a knack for a musical instrument.

Mike Huckabee loves to play the bass guitar, and of course, Bill Clinton is a saxophone legend.

Kaine told CNN he was nervous to get on stage, but he's happy he took the chance and got out of his comfort zone.

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