This app will get you to stop saying 'like'

This App Will Get You To Stop, Like, Saying 'Like'
This App Will Get You To Stop, Like, Saying 'Like'

Have you ever noticed how some people, like, can't stop saying like, like, every, like, other, like, word?

Well, if you happen to be one of those people who just can't stop saying the word like, there's an app for that!

'LikeSo' will listen to your speech and give you a grade based off your talking skills and even tally how many times you use filler words such as actually, basically, totally, literally and every parent's favorite, whatever.

The app uses voice recognition technology to act as your personal speech coach. It also measures your pacing so that you know if you're a slow or fast talker.

You can practice all types of speech from freestyle to debate, pick categories to talk about and even prep for interviews with it.

The brains behind 'LikeSo' is Audrey Mann Cronin, a mom with a daughter prone to using the word excessively.

The only like 'LikeSo' wants to hear is you saying you really like the app!

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