There's a real life Rapunzel, but she's actually a brunette

Make-up artist transforms herself into Disney princess

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your (brown) hair!

There's a Rapunzel IRL, and she's taking over Instagram.

She's a little more mature than Disney made her seem.

But still, people are so in love with her gorgeous long locks that they've taken to her for advice on hair maintenance and styling.

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With braids.

She's giving us major hair inspo!

Scroll through for more hair tips for the end of summer:

7 beach hair do's and don'ts
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7 beach hair do's and don'ts

Do: Battle Flyaways With Smoothing Spray

Preparation is the key to keeping wind-tossed locks on point during a day at the beach. Prevent frizz and fight flyaways while oceanside by spritzing your strands with a polishing serum. An easy spray-on formula will allow you to reapply throughout the day, even if your hands are sandy!

Don’t: Let UV Exposure Warp Color-Treated Hair

Unless you want your freshly highlighted hair to take on a new hue and straw-like texture, shield color-treated locks with a sulfate-free protectant spray. Heat, UV exposure and the high saline concentration of ocean water have the capacity to corrode color and damage dyed hair -- which is oftentimes already more susceptible to breakage. Look for a multitasking formula that nourishes the cuticle while providing styling support.

Do: Nourish Curls With Special Shampoo

Curly-haired girls have an especially challenging time combating frizz in high-humidity environments. Keep the bounce and add definition to naturally curly strands by using special curl-enhancing beauty products. The easiest way to cater to your unique hair type is to use an oil-infused curl-nourishing shampoo and conditioner.

Don’t: Bare Your Hair

A sunburned scalp can lead to itchy, dandruff-like flakes. So regardless of whether your hair is color-treated, you’ll want to pack a hat! A wide-brimmed one will serve double duty to keep your hair, face and scalp from harmful rays, in addition to providing an excellent opportunity for oh-so-chic snaps.

Do: Replenish Locks With a Hair Mask

If half the beach comes home entwined in your hair, simply massage in a reparative conditioning treatment mask after you shampoo. A nutrient-rich hair mask will reverse damage by hydrating, restoring and soothing stressed tresses.

Don’t: Brush Out Windblown Knots

Using a brush to hack away at stubborn seawater and wind-induced knots almost always leads to breakage and split ends. Instead, spritz strands with a hydrating detangling spray before gently loosening knots with -- and this is the key -- a wide-tooth comb.

Do: Embrace a Bohemian 'Do

Save that complex updo for a formal function and let your hair down -- well, figuratively, anyway. Choose an effortless undone bun or piece-y plait instead. As long as you adequately fortify your tresses before hitting the sand and set aside sufficient time for post-beach TLC, a bit of wind and sunshine will not wreak havoc on hair.


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