Some US colleges are beating entire countries in total Olympic medal count

College Football Star Goes for Gold in Rio

The United States is completely destroying the competition when it comes to total medal count at the Olympics. With 84 total medals, the U.S. is 33 medals ahead of the next country, China.

But even some U.S. colleges would be dominant in Rio if we're looking at total medal count.

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The University of California has racked up 20 gold medals among their representing athletes in Rio. If Cal was a country, the Golden Bears would be in 10th place overall in total medal count.

Stanford University would be right below Cal in 11th place with 17 medals.

The University of Georgia would be tied with Denmark for 17th place with nine total medals, and the University of Michigan would be tied with Cuba at 18th place with eight.

Other colleges like Indiana, USC, Texas, Florida, West Virginia and Washington are also making huge strides in Rio.

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