Here's why you get carsick

Here's Why You Get Carsick

Getting carsick is extremely common for those heading out on a long drive.

Pushing a drive longer than 40 minutes can often lead to the all-too-familiar headache, stomach ache and overall flu-like symptoms.

Have you ever wondered why exactly humans get carsick though?

A neuroscientist clarified this on NPR and said carsickness occurs because humans are not meant to travel by car. It just isn't natural!

Traveling inside of a car leads to a mismatch in our brains. We watch everything we pass fly by us, but it doesn't line up with our body, which isn't moving.

That's not to say any vehicle is unnatural. This doesn't happen when you're riding a bike, because you can feel the wind on your skin indicating movement.

When you're in a car with the windows up, your body is sitting completely still but is still moving at an incredible high speed.

The scientist, Dean Burnett, says since the brain is confused, it automatically begins to think it is being poisoned and reacts accordingly, making you nauseous.

So, you can blame your very own brain for that time you got sick in front of your entire class on a field trip.

It's hard to live that down, brain.

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