Hateful messages spray-painted on homes and cars in quiet neighborhood

Racial, Sexual Slurs Spray-Painted on Homes And Cars In Quiet Community

GOLD RIVER (KTXL) -- Think of some of the worst racial, religious and sexual slurs sliming their way through society today -- paired with crude depictions of male body parts -- and you'll envision somebody's idea of Monday night redecorating in Miner's Village.

"It's probably why they targeted this place because it's quiet and they just want to make noise," said Susan Webb.

Noise with spray paint and Gold River area rocks.

In a Sacramento subdivision where every detail down to home paint color is pretty much the same, sinister scenes are standing out.

For giving the gift of a birthday visit to her sister, Susan Webb, who's from Carmel, got the present of a smashed car window and someone's painting of the family jewels on the hood of her Mazda.

"This is stupid," she said.

Around the corner from Webb's damaged car spot on Tunnel Hill Way, the window of Raquel Grossman's house was graced by the same kind of aggravating art.

"They should find something better to do," said Grossman.

Some of the most offensive work taggers did Monday night showed up on a Quartz Court home.

Its longtime owner didn't want his face or name revealed.

"I think what I saw was despicable, and I can't believe people in this day and age think that way," he said.

Another neighbor who had vandals come to her door also wanted to remain anonymous.

"You know it's really sad. Get over it. It's a 2016 kind of thing, you know. We're a country of mixed people. That's who were are as Americans, and it really makes me ... I just want to cry."

While the words used would be those of bigots gunning for specific populations, none of the folks vandalized actually belong to the groups the hate speech or symbols targeted.

That may mean what happened couldn't be charged as a hate crime, since that charge requires proof of a very specific connection between the action and the victim in the crosshairs.

"The nature of it's so random," said Lt. Tim Curran with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department.

"Random not targeted, so it may turn out to be a stupid act of vandalism."

"I don't know if it's youngsters or what or people who are just angry about everything in life," said Grossman.

Maybe the election's making everybody angry and upset.

The whole thing making for a lot of extra work.

"Bye-bye," said one of Grossman's neighbors as he painted away a swastika.

At nearby Gold River Discovery Center, vandals broke windows, garden equipment and spray-painted slurs as well.

Since school doesn't start until Thursday, just a few kids were on campus, and they were kept away from the damage as the cleanup started.

Investigators say the vandals did leave behind some items that may help lead to an arrest.

Their images may also have been caught on surveillance systems in the area.

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