Haitian Olympic hurdler trips and tumbles flat on his face on the first hurdle

Hurdler Jeffrey Julmis Embarrassed By Semis Hurdle Crash

29-year-old Haitian hurdler Jeffrey Julmis' Olympic dreams of glory were cut short on Tuesday after he tripped and tumbled over the first hurdle during his 110-meter semi-final.

Real bummer, to have the moment you've been training for years upon years go up in smoke within seconds. Not that I can do any better by any stretch of the imagination, but you'd think a guy who made it to the semi-final would at least make it to the second hurdle, maybe even the third if we're DREAMING BIG here.

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Jamaica's Omar Mcleod managed to come in first, completing the 110 meters in 13.15 seconds with Pascal Martinot-Lagarde coming in second with a time of 13.25 seconds.

Better luck next time, Jeffrey.

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