Brutally honest confessions from people who have been in foster care

According to the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System, nearly half a million children are currently in foster care.

It's often seen as a refuge for children in difficult situations at home, but it can be remarkably hard for the kids involved.

Some of them took to Whisper app to talk about what it's truly like to be in the foster care system.

1. It changes your outlook on parenting:

I was put in foster care as a kid and my mom never tried to get me back. I
always wonder if she ever had that same love I have for my own children
towards me.

2. The foster care system can leave you feeling alone:

I was in the foster care system since I was 6 years old. I

3. It can make you hate seeing other families together:

I grew up in Foster care, since I have no family, I despise seeing families
together because I want what they have...

4. The level of misery you experience can vary:


5. It can make people think you're trouble:

I used to be in foster homes. All my foster families hated me because they
thought I was trouble. Before they even knew me.

6. You can feel a lot of shame:

I lived in foster homes my whole life, so when people ask me about my
family I feel ashamed

7. it can set you up with a lifetime of habits:

I moved a lot because I was in foster care. Ironically, 10 years later, I
sleep on the couch and l live out of plastic bags. The crazy thing is, I
have the storage space and a bed to sleep in.

8. You get used to moving a lot:

I moved so much in foster care that I start to feel anxious every six
months and have to rearrange my furniture or move even though I am in my
20s now.

9. You can feel unloved:

I grew up in foster care and not one person has ever really loved me. I

10. It gives you nightmares:

I hate the foster care system... I

11. It affects your decisions:

I grew up in foster care, because I was never adopted. I

12. It can make things worse:

Foster care was worse then what I was taken away from

13. It can make things "feel" weird:

I use to live in a foster home when I was younger and now, living with my
real family, it just doesn

14. You can feel like a mystery:

I get pissed off when I see people who

15. You can develop trust issues:

If being in foster care gave me anything... It

16. No one knows what you go through:

I hate when people say "it couldn
I grew up in foster care and I want a mother so bad.

17. You want what other people have:

18. Treatment can be shocking:

I used to be in foster care, and now that I

For more brutally honest confessions, download Whisper.

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