5 amazing people with Down syndrome who do extraordinary things

Five amazing people with Down syndrome

Down syndrome is the most common genetic condition in the U.S. Approximately 400,000 Americans have Down syndrome. Here are amazing individuals with Down syndrome who are breaking the barriers of disability stigmas.

Edward Barbanell
A comedian who has been in hit productions such as Workaholics and The Ringer. He shows that opportunities for people with disabilities are endless.

Tim Harris
Is a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He runs his own restaurant called Tim's place where the best thing on the menu is his world famous hugsIn Albuquerque, New Mexico .

He also started his own non-profit, Tim's Big Heart Foundation, where he aims to inspire people from around the world to lead meaningful lives.

Madeline Stuart
This 18-year-old fashion model is paving the way for people with disabilities by becoming one of few models with Down syndrome to walk the runway during New York Fashion Week.

She proved to mainstream media that people with disabilities are more than capable and talented of representing top brands.

Karen Gaffney
Has accomplished so much in her life in a such a short time. An special olympic athlete, motivational speaker and president of her own non-profit the Karen Gaffney Foundation. Karen proves that her talents are not limited.

Chris Burke
This actor has appeared in many TV and film roles and even has a Golden Globe nomination under his belt. He is also the National Down Syndrome Society's Goodwill Ambassador where he uses his celebrity platform to bring awareness to Down syndrome worldwide.

Despite their disabilities, these individuals prove that they live extraordinary lives.

Check out this adorable girl who steals the show during a news taping:

Girl with down syndrome adorably photo-bombs live TV shot
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Girl with down syndrome adorably photo-bombs live TV shot

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