This marriage proposal combines Harry Potter and Nerf guns

Harry Potter Mania Continues Worldwide

We all dream of the perfect wedding proposal, and one lucky woman definitely got hers.

The woman, anonymous but for her Imgur account, told the story on the image-sharing site. "My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years," she explained. "We had always talked about having a Nerf gun fight, but I had no idea this would happen."

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She was wrong, in the best way: "I came home from work to find this in between our screen and front doors ..."

Credit: Imgur

"Yes that is a stick taped to the top to look like a wand," she said.

What the woman found was an incredibly detailed and well-thought out game where she had to "defeat" Harry Potter's enemies. "I walked in and found the following pictures taped to our walls," she said. "All of them had amazingly nerdy and hilarious captions on them!"

She faced adversaries like Draco and Snape and friends like Ron and Hermione. Finally, she encountered Harry's worst foe: Voldemort:

Credit: Imgur

"Lord Voldemort himself," she said. "I opened this door expecting to find my boyfriend behind it. He came out from around a corner behind me *WEARING A PRINT OUT OF DANIEL RADCLIFFE'S FACE ON HIS FACE*"

The two proceeded to have a Nerf gun dual, and her boyfriend proposed: "After he took the mask off, he asked me to be his wife and I said 'Yes'! and ugly cried," she recalled.

Her boyfriend, now fiancé, is not a Harry Potter fan -- but did this because he knew she loved the series. "I LOVE Harry Potter. He's a keeper," she said.

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Harry Potter and Nerf gun proposal
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Harry Potter and Nerf gun proposal

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