'Bachelor in Paradise': Medic called in — But was the emergency faked?

Evan Has a Medical Issue

Somebody call 911 ... or don't...on Bachelor in Paradise!

Monday night's ep of BIP brought us a mysterious medical ailment. Evan, Carly, Daniel and Sarah enjoyed a makeshift double-date of drinks and broccoli (broccoli is to Daniel as deli meats were to Chad, apparently), and Evan seemed totally fine. But not long after, a producer was seen trying to wake Evan up in his bed to no avail.

Why they needed to rouse Evan is unclear, but a medic said Evan would need someone to watch over him that night, and the person Evan chose was ... wait for it ... Carly! Perhaps surprisingly, Carly (who just dumped Evan last week) cemented that these two may have a very real love connection with this assessment of the situation: "I'm very attracted to weird," she said. "I don't know if Evan is faking, but this is the most extreme anyone has ever gone for my affection." Hey, whatever floats your boat – all the way to Paradise.

Also, we must say, Carly is the most adorable (and honest) person in her interview moments. Grab your margarita from Jorge and raise your glass – cheers to Carly!


Granted, the medical situation might turn more real for Evan on Tuesday night's episode; the show continues to tease footage of Evan in an ambulance with blood pouring out of his arm (seriously, who put that IV in?!)

In other BIP news, Josh and Amanda continued their very audible make-outs and everyone continued to question Josh's integrity because #AndiDorfman'sBook. Whether you think Josh is good or bad, there are a few things we do know: 1) he sweats a lot, and 2) he and Amanda make out like middle schoolers. But hey, what else is there to do on BIP?

Grant and Lace (aka 'Grace') also got more serious Monday,and we learned Vinny and Izzy DTR'ed: they only plan to date each other in Paradise. But one person who wasn't feeling so exclusive was Jared. He'd been developing a thing with Emily, then set her aside when Caila Quinn (aka the almost-Bachelorette) appeared! Emily was in tears, and beautiful Caila was espousing prose along the lines of, "Do you ever feel like you could just leave all this behind and never look back?" (Um...isn't that what you did by coming to Paradise?) Plus, it's allaboutto get even more complicated: at episode's end, Ashley I. arrived!

Almost Paradise, indeed. Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.

Bachelor in Paradise Rose Ceremony

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