Squirrel with cup stuck on its head hops around frantically in parking lot before rescue

Watch Rescuers Free Distressed Squirrel With Cup Stuck on Its Head

It was a nutty day for this poor squirrel that was seen hopping frantically in a Connecticut parking lot after getting a cup stuck on its head.

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Luckily, members of the Enfield Emergency Medical Services spotted the bushy-tailed fellow and came to its rescue.

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In a video posted to the Enfield EMS Facebook page, four responders tried to hold the squirrel in place with a pink blanket to free it safely.

"Step on its tail and you can pull the cup off," one of them could be heard saying to another.

But responders burst out laughing after their first attempt to hold the squirrel in place ended with the squirrel hopping away, panicked.

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They were able to successfully pull the cup off its head in the second attempt, and the scared squirrel scurried back into the wooded area immediately after being freed.

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