People who have been to rehab share what it's really like

Center for Disease Control estimates that 114 people die a day because of drugs, and many enter rehab to prevent that, but it doesn't always work.

Though it's a haven for some people, the urge to relapse is just too strong for others. People who have been to rehab opened up on Whisper to share what the experience is really like.

1. It's an accepting place:

I went to rehab and left 5 months ago. I hate the real world and wish I was still there. I

2. It's a huge secret:

No one knows but I

3. It can give you conflicting feelings:

I went to rehab...I soon felt like a quitter

4. It takes a lot of strength to return to normalcy:

Got out of rehab yesterday..fightin the urge to use is so stupid hard. Im questioning my strength to do this

5. If it doesn't work, who knows what could happen?


6. Sometimes it doesn't work:

I went to rehab and it didn

7. It doesn't stop the thoughts that consume you:

When I was at rehab all I could think about what how bad I wanted to do drugs with all the cool people I met there.

8. It can be scary to be sober:


9. Sometimes it only makes things worse:

No one knows that I

10. Rehab can make tiny improvements:

I went to rehab for alcohol and i still drink just nowhere near as much...

11. It's hard to tell people where you've been:


12. It can make things worse:

I thought rehab was supposed to help... Not mess you up more

13. It's hard:

Rehab was the hardest thing I had to do... But I want to start using again

14. It makes things better:

Tomorrow I

15. Every day is a battle:

When I was younger I went to rehab, been sober for 8 years but every day is a battle. Today I really feel like giving up.

16. It's liberating and embarrassing:

When I got to rehab I realized I didn

17. It's a huge change:

I recently signed myself into rehab for my drug problem. I

18. People can leave you:

I went to rehab for everyone else , but when I got out I had no one.

19. It's expensive:

I went to rehab for everyone else , but when I got out I had no one.

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