Family hilariously learns that a Roomba will not clean up dog poop

Dog on Roomba reenacts how dinosaurs became extinct

The Newton family could not be cuter. Parents Jesse and Kelly have a son named Evan and a young puppy named Evie.

What happened to them, though, was not cute at all.

Their precious pup is "funny and awkward and gives a lot of kisses," as Kelly told BuzzFeed News.

They have a Roomba vacuum cleaner that helps them keep their home clean from their child's snack crumbs and their dog's hair.

But the combination of the Roomba and the puppy was a complete disaster that Jesse called a "pooptastrophe" in a Facebook post that went viral:

According to the post, they programmed their Roomba to run through and clean everything at 1:30 a.m. one night. Unfortunately, that was also the night their pup had an accident on the rug.

You can guess what happened when the Roomba tried to clean that up.

If you can't guess, Jesse posted a diagram of the wreckage on Facebook.

He spent three hours cleaning everything -- their carpets, their floors, their child, their Roomba -- which Jesse praised on Facebook for its reliability in all situations aside from the pooptastrophe.

The family told BuzzFeed News they never expected the story to go viral, but they're not mad it did.

"I've loved watching Jesse's talented writing get its much-deserved exposure," Kelly said. "He really is just a quiet, sweet, and humble guy."

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