Remember when Julianne Hough was in 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'!?

Harry Potter + Alcohol + Tattoos = Dumb

"Harry Potter" was and will continue to be one of the best movie and book franchises ever made, FACT.

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Aside from the genius of J.K. Rowling, the cast for the movie was pretty much spot on, and basically a who's who of British talent. From Alan Rickman, to Gary Oldman, to Helena Bonham Carter, the cast was super stacked.

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Still not over Sirius' death, to be honest. While enjoying a "Harry Potter" movie marathon weekend, we had to stop, rewind and fact check after we saw JULIANNE HOUGH -- yes, "Dancing with the Stars," Julianne Hough -- in straight Gryffindor grab cheering on her house at a Quidditch match!

How are we just learning this, you ask? Yeah, we're not too sure either. Apparently, she even took to her Instagram a few weeks ago to commemorate the experience.

She writes "In honor of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" being released I thought I would share the fact that I picked Gryffindor, ate in the great hall, scurried back to our dormitory when the troll was loose and got to cheer along side Ron, Hagrid, Hermoine and Dean during Harry's first Quidditch match back in 2001!"

Needless to say every time we watch "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Stone," will forever be pointing out Julianne in the Quidditch stands cheering on Harry.

Check out more "Harry Potter" love in the gallery below!

Harry Potter and Cursed Child cast photos
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Harry Potter and Cursed Child cast photos
Harry, Albus and Ginny Potter from #HarryPotterPlay #CursedChild. 1st public preview in one week's time!
#HarryPotter, 19yrs later. Played by Jamie Parker in #HarryPotterPlay #CursedChild 1st public preview in one week!
Albus Potter (@sam_clemmett) – ready for Hogwarts. #HarryPotterPlay #CursedChild 1st public preview, a week today!
Ginny Potter played by Poppy Miller in #HarryPotterPlay #CursedChild. 1st public preview in one week!
Ron Weasley played by @paulfthornley in #HarryPotterPlay #CursedChild. First public preview in 6 days!
Hermione Granger (@MissDumezweni) in #HarryPotterPlay #CursedChild. First public preview in 6 days!
Rose Granger-Weasley (@CherrelleSkeete) in #HarryPotterPlay #CursedChild. First public preview in 6 days!
The Granger-Weasleys: Ron, Hermione and Rose. #HarryPotterPlay #CursedChild. First public preview in 6 days!

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