Scientists have found the exact spot on Mars where life could exist

Scientists Have Found The Spot Where Life Could Exist On Mars

Scientists have identified the landing spot for a space rover that will search the surface of Mars for any signs of life.

Schiaparelli, the ExoMars 2016 Mission demonstrator module, will land on Mars's flat Meridian Planum.

NASA's opportunity rover also landed at the Meridiani Planum back in 2004, and it has been exploring the Endeavor Crater for the last five years.

NASA releases brilliant new photos of Mars:

NASA releases new photos of Mars
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NASA releases new photos of Mars

Edge of North Polar Erg Dubbed Windy City


Landforms at West End of Her Desher Vallis 


Small Tributary Deposit and Transverse Aeolian Ridges in Nirgal Vallis 


Gullies in Dunes Dubbed Kolhar


Dunes Dubbed Tleilax 


Gully Monitoring 


Terrain Near Peneus Patera 


Clean Exposures of Light-Toned Chaos Blocks in Gorgonum Chaos


Syria Planum Bedform and Albedo Changes 


Variety of Spider Features 



The Schiaparelli's main task will be to demonstrate the technologies needed to safely land on Mars.

It will also take atmospheric measurements in hopes of finding rare gases, such as methane, which could provide one of the biggest clues for life.

On Earth, the main source of methane is bacteria.

Scientists hope they will be able to find the source of the gas. Some believe it could even be from volcanic activity bubbling beneath the planets surface.

The rover is scheduled to land on the red planet in October.

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