People who work at Disney share shocking confessions

Disney World (or Disney Land) -- it's the happiest place on earth. Or is it?

Many people dream of working at the park, and when they finally achieve their dreams, it's not always what they thought it would be.

People confessed their true feelings on Whisper:

1. It's a dream come true:

2. It's absolutely brutal:

3. Their dreams get crushed on a daily basis:

4. Some of them don't even watch Disney movies:

5. People get away with a lot of silly tricks:

6. There's a strict dress (and hair) code:

7. The children can be overwhelming:

8. It can get you unsolicited attention:

9. People have sneaky ways of getting ready for the job:

10. It can make you miserable:

11. Entitlement is rampant:

12. Hook-ups happen:

13. Parents are actually the worst:

14. It makes you mean:

15. Some of them are not what you would expect:

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