Meet the happiest animal on Earth

Meet the happiest animal on Earth

There is no doubt quokkas are the world's cutest and happiest animal.

So here are some facts about your new best friend:

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The marsupials are about the size of a cat and are primarily found on Rottnest Island near Perth, Australia.

Quokkas are nocturnal and like to live in tall grasses, but they aren't afraid to come up to people.

They are also herbivores and like to eat leaves and plants, but they can survive for long period of time without water by living off the fat stored in their tails.

Though they look adorable and cuddly, the cousin to the kangaroo have sharp nails, which they use to help climb trees.

These poor guys are considered vulnerable because of declining populations.

So it you want to take a picture with a smiling quokka, make sure you don't tough. Visitors can be fined for handling one of them.

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