Community outraged by gym's offensive advertisement

Gap in Trouble for Sexist Advertisement

An ad for a gym chain called Fit4Less took the idea of motivating potential customers a little too far.

The sign has many community members outraged. Twitter user Natalie Harvey tweeted a picture of it:

"Tired of being... Fat & Ugly? Just be ugly at 14.99."

According to BBC, the ad is located right outside a family supermarket.

In an interview with BBC, a spokesperson for Fit4Less said they were just trying to be humorous.

"Fit4less is a brand that doesn't take itself too seriously, the campaign is intended to be seen as light-hearted fun and we certainly don't mean to cause offense," a spokesperson wrote.

"By adopting a light-hearted approach we can reach a wider audience and gain the attention of people who wouldn't usually respond to traditional gym advertising."

It's certainly a wider audience -- but is it a happy one? Time will tell.

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