Baby seal arrested for trespassing

Watch Out for Seals, Warns Beach

New Zealand police have made Wellington streets safe once more after accosting a rogue sleepy infant seal. The small mammal had made itself a cosy but dangerous home underneath a parked car in a local carpark.

According to New Zealand publication Stuff, Senior Sergeant Dave Houston was notified by a passer by who had spotted the little fluff ball when it peeped its head out from under a parked car.

The owner of the car returned to find the peculiar scene — law enforcers prodding underneath his car with a broom.

After ascertaining that the seal did not in fact belong to the car owner, authorities managed to coax the seal out from under the car, though Houston reported that the young pup was "a little bit bitey."

Wellington District Police reported via Facebook and Twitter that the little pup, adorably named Steve by its saviours, was taken into the care of the Department of Conservation and Wildside New Zealand who will ensure the safe return of the pup to his rightful, and less dangerous home.

The Department of Conservation staff told Wellington Police that the pup was around the age where their mothers allow them to go out on their own in the wild — all that exploring can be exhausting for a little furry adventurer.

The report states that the Department of Conservation bailed out the little water baby and planned to return and release him back into the wild.

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A Southern Elephant Seal

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TAUNTON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 09: A baby seal with an injured eye looks out from its cubicle as it rehabilitates in a ward in the animal welfare building at the RSPCA Centre at West Hatch on December 9, 2015 in Taunton, England. The Somerset animal sanctuary has had an influx of seals in recent weeks and more have arrived in the past few days after being washed up on beaches in the recent storms. Once spotted, the washed up seals are monitored by various animal rescue charities to insure that they are orphans. Once identified as in need, the seals, who are mainly rescued from beaches in Wales, are brought to the centre to be rehabilitated until such time that they are well and strong enough to be released back into the wild. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

A Male Elephant seal on the Peninsula Valdes Animal Reserve in Argentina

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PUNTA NINFAS, ARGENTINA - FEBRUARY 2015: The elephant seals gnash at each other with their teeth, in February, 2015, in Punta Ninfas, Argentina. A PAIR of seals go FLIPPING mad as they attack each other in the surf. The furious sea mammals whacked and gnawed at each other as waves crashed on to the beach at Punta Ninfas in Argentina last month. While the cause of their argument was unknown, the elephant seals disturbed the peace as their fellow animals slept serenely on the sand. Chantelle Stobbe, 34, from Canada, watched as the fight exploded into action. PHOTOGRAPH BY Chantelle Stobbe / Barcroft Media (Photo credit should read Chantelle Stobbe / Barcroft Medi via Getty Images)
SOUTH GEORGIA, ANTARCTIC PENINSULA - UNDATED: A southern elephant seal appears to have smug look on its face as it protects one of the females in its harem on Gold Harbour, South Georgia, Antarctic Peninsula. NOBODY likes a bad winner - but who would tell this massive elephant seal seemingly chuckling in the surf after securing a huge harem of females. The battle-scarred giant even seems to smirk as he cosies up to one of his mates while still in sight of his randy rivals. Wildlife photographer Justin Hofman was able to capture these close-ups on South Georgia Island because many of the males were too tired from fighting to charge him. PHOTOGRAPH BY Justin Hofman / Barcroft Media (Photo credit should read Justin Hofman / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

A male adult elephant seal

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SANTA BARBARA, CA - APRIL 18: A sea lion makes its way onto the sand at Gaviota State Beach, entertaining dozens of sunbathers on April 18, 2015, near Santa Barbara, California. Because of its close proximity to Southern California and Los Angeles population centers, the coastal region of Santa Barbara has become a popular weekend getaway destination for millions of tourists. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)
A bearbed seal swims on January 27, 2015 at Oceanopolis, an Ocean Discovery Park in the western French port of Brest. AFP PHOTO / FRED TANNEAU (Photo credit should read FRED TANNEAU/AFP/Getty Images)

A seal lion and penguin are spotted together in Antarctica

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A close-up of an adorable seal's face

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Young elephant seals in Antarctica

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Portrait of seal in Antarctica

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Harp seal pup (Phoca groenlandicus) on pack ice around Magdalen Islands, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Quebec, Canada.

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An adult Ringed Seal

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Sleeping Weddell Seal

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