Theories emerge about Donald Trump's tweeting habits

Trump's Twitter army

No matter where your party allegiance lies, many people are saying Donald Trump has a very interesting way of tweeting.

According to The Daily Dot, he actually has two different tones with which he tweets.

The theory is that his staffers sometimes write the tweets for him.

Twitter user Todd Vaziri said any tweets sent from an iPhone are written by his staff, and Android-written tweets are by Trump himself.

A New York Times piece about Trump's Twitter habits identified that he uses an Android phone -- a Samsung Galaxy.

According to the article, Trump is someone who finds great joy in writing his own tweets and takes pride in all the replies he receives.

He also mentioned that he dictates tweets to his writers, who could potentially be using iPhones to post them.

A data scientist at Stack Overflow, David Robinson, analyzed the text of Trump's tweets and confirmed the difference.

He said in an article that the posts are not only written by different people, but at different times of day and using hashtags, links and retweets in distinct ways.

Robinson confirmed another theory that tweets written by Trump are angrier than those written by someone else, also.

The Atlantic added to the conversation by determining the number of Android tweets has decreased as a the race went on, and Andrew McGill wondered if his campaign is actually locking Trump out of Twitter all together.

McGill noted that he once wrote 77 percent of his own tweets, but as of early August, he has only written 24 percent.

Though Trump said he does all of his own tweeting after 7 p.m., Robinson's analysis says Trump's iPhone tweeting spikes around 8 p.m.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Trump told Philip Rucker that he doesn't need traditional media because he has mastered social media.

And according to the Washington post, Trump spent a fraction of what his Republican challengers spent on campaigning because the media did it for him -- he didn't have to buy TV ads, he was on the news and social media constantly.

He does have 10.8 million Twitter followers -- much more than Clinton's 8.2 million.

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