Lilly Pulitzer honors late teenager who adored its designs

Lilly Pulitzer Honors Late Teenager Who Adored Its Designs

By: Alyse Barker

The colorful women's clothing line, Lilly Pulitzer, is doing something very special. The brand created a custom print for Raven White, a young teen who died in a tragic accident in North Carolina. She adored the brand and wore it all the time.

Her cousin, Cassie Britt, said in a recent interview, "She would be speechless. She loved fashion. It was her favorite designer. She loved all the prints. There are very few pictures out there without her in Lilly Pulitzer."

Britt said at the funeral, half of Raven's family was wearing the iconic brand in her honor, "whether it was scarves, shirts, skirts. ... Just about all of her friends wore Lilly Pulitzer dresses."

The brand shared its new design honoring Raven on its Facebook page, saying, "The Print Studio was so touched by all of the messages from her friends and family about her love for Lilly."

Raven's name can be found written inside the flowers in the design.

Friends and family say Raven's laughter, cheerful personality, and her love for Lilly Pulitzer are what they will always remember the most.

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