10 of the coolest hotels you can visit

10 of the coolest hotels you can visit
10 of the coolest hotels you can visit

Sometimes you just want to spice up your vacation.

Here's a roundup of some of the coolest hotels you can stay in around the world:

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1. Mirrorcube Treehouse in Sweden offers a stunning THERE view of the country's forest. The six mirrored walls camouflage the room to make it feel like you're living within the trees.

2. The Icehotel in Sweden may be the coolest resort ever -- literally. All the furniture, including the beds, are made from snow and ice blocks. There's also a chapel in case you wanted to get married.

3. Harlingen Harbour Crane in the Netherlands is a hideaway in the sky for two. The crane that hoists the cabin was used from 1967 to 1996 to unload timber imported from Russia and Scandinavia.

4. Free Spirit Spheres lets you feel one with nature by staying in a sphere shaped treehouse. Within a coastal forest on Vancouver Island, you can choose from one of three spheres to stay in for the night.

5. Hotel Costa Verde has renovated a vintage 1965 Boeing 727 so all the plane lovers can have an experience of a lifetime. Nestled on the border of a national park, the plane rests of a 50-foot pedestal, offering spectacular views.

6. Giraffe Manor in Kenya sounds exactly like it sounds. Set within 140 acres of indigenous forest, the manor harkens back to when European visitors used to come and stay. Plus, a herd of giraffes live on the land and like to stick their heads in through open windows.


7. The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland lets you see the Northern Lights without ever leaving your bed. You can stay in glass igloos and have an unobstructed view from the sky.

8. The Juvet Landscape Hotel offers a firsthand look at Norway's countryside. Rooms off-site from the main building give visitors a chance to feel like they are living outdoors with all the comforts of an indoor hotel.

9. HOTEL JESTED is a famous cultural monument in the Czech Republic. At an altitude of more than 3320 feet, the hotel offers stunning views of Liberec region. The building was also awarded the Perret Prize for unique architecture.

10. Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru offer a terrifying but amazing experience. Visitors can stay in capsules located 1300 feet above the valley floor and watch Andean condors soar.

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