Grandmother of Olympian dies while watching him lift, moments before he won the bronze

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It's unfortunate when a happy occasion turns tragic.

A Thai lifter won third place in the 56-kilogram weightlifting category the Olympics in Rio with his entire village watching from thousands of miles away. Sinphet Kruithong's grandmother was among the spectators clapping and cheering for the 22-year-old when spectators noticed the 85-year-old woman had collapsed.

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A video taken by a local media outlet, Thai Rath, showed cheering villagers quickly rushing to Subin's side and trying to revive her. She was taken to Chumphon Buri Hospital in Surin province, 330 kilometers (210 miles) away, where she was pronounced dead.

She did not live to see her grandson win the bronze medal.


Kruithong was the first Thai man to medal in weightlifting. Nine Thai women have won medals in the past with Sopita Tanasan winning Gold on Saturday.

Kruithong's grandmother will be cremated Wednesday.

[via AP]

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