Crocodile coughs up plastic water bottles thrown into zoo enclosure

Crocodile Coughs Up Plastic Water Bottles Thrown into Zoo Enclosure

Remember the scene from "Jaws" where a license plate is pulled from the belly of a massive shark?

These animals aren't the only ones who will gobble up anything in their path – crocodiles also use their impeccably strong bite to eat whatever's in front of them.

Unfortunately, that includes trash.

Officials at the Rockhampton Zoo in Australia say their beloved Croc, The Colonel, nearly choked to death after someone littered the park.

The large saltwater croc was in distress for some time, and eventually coughed up two plastic water bottles. He was struggling as he tried to dislodge the bottles from his throat.

The zookeeper had to help The Colonel get the bottle out of his throat. He motioned above the croc's head to make him open wide, which is when the water bottle fell out.

According to a Facebook post on the zoo's page, staffers are pretty sure it was, "the result of a small minority who don't do the right thing," and someone probably threw the bottles into the enclosure.

The zoo added that plastic bottles have the potential to kill a crocodile, as they could cause internal lacerations, ulcers, infection or impaction.

So think twice the next time you consider littering, and always recycle!

The Colonel would appreciate it.

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