Brunch crunch: We're making waffles

Brunch crunch: You thought the pancakes were good? Wait will you see these waffles
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Brunch crunch: You thought the pancakes were good? Wait will you see these waffles

Cinnamon pecan waffles

"It's finally Friday and that means that it's almost the weekend!! The thing about the weekend that I love best is a slow, home-cooked breakfast.Today's waffle recipe def tops the list of most-loved because cinnamon and pears. And I love pears paired with spices. But you probably already guessed that after my nutmeg & pear pie." - Fix Feast Flair 

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Buttermilk fried chicken and waffles sliders

"This recipe basically calls upon the lord of all things moist, buttermilk, to produce fried chicken that is juicy as all get out. Then, Slider Savior Jon demands these chunks of chicken get sandwiched between two Belgian waffles, which, like, O-freaking-K we won't say no." - Probably This 

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Gingerbread yogurt waffles with powdered sugar glaze 

"here’s nothing that makes my 4 year old happier than when I announce I’m making waffles.  Seriously.  The giddy joy that erupts from her body is contagious.  And these Gingerbread Yogurt Waffles with Powdered Sugar Glaze?  They’re enough to make anyone giddy." - Melanie Makes 

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Cornbread waffle BLT's with Garlic Aioli 

"Cornbread Waffle BLT’s with Garlic Aioli  are crispy and sweet cornbread waffles, layered with smoky bacon, fresh lettuce, creamy avocado and garlic aioli for a delicious twist on the classic BLT!" - With Salt and Wit

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Whole wheat ricotta waffles with blueberry sauce

"Most little ones seem to have favorite toys or favorite stuffed animals.  And favorite colors.  But not our little guy Max.And since it was his birthday the other day, I made him some waffles.  And it must have been the right B, because he was shoveling the sauce into his mouth.  So thank you gods of toddler eating, we totally appreciate it.  And, I'd have to say these waffles are pretty great for full grown people as well." - Home Skillet 

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French toast waffles with tart cherry syrup

"Growing up, my mom made us waffles from time-to-time, but what she was really known for (at least in our kitchen) was her French Toast. I love my mom’s French Toast recipe! " - Jelly Toast

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Brunch crunch has been getting a lot of attention lately and so we thought that we should use this power for the greater good. One of the first things we thought to do was settle an integral food debate that has been corrupting the minds of everyone who loves brunch. The sacred debate has been between two of the most valuable brunch items one could ever eat. Ladies and gentleman, the long winding question as to what is better, pancakes or waffles.

Lifestyle Collective bloggers thought to offer both sides of the story and since pancakes were done some time ago, we thought it'd be best to assess both sides of the argument with today's brunch crunch focusing on waffles. Take a look at some of the most delicious recipes for waffles out there! Dare I say it, giving pancakes a run for their frying pans.

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