Make your house a home with this rustic DIY home sign

Reclaimed Wood "Home" Sign

When you look around people's houses, it seems that everyone has the same old home signs. They're either too cutesy, too boring or too cookie-cutter, and it definitely does not bring anything to the table.

But now, you can make it your home with this DIY tutorial. It's rustic. It's cute. And it's super easy to make. This crafty win will get everyone talking, and will add some character. Plus, no one else will have it!

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22 DIY locker decorating ideas and organizing tricks
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22 DIY locker decorating ideas and organizing tricks

Locker #1: Neon Dreams

For those who can’t get enough color in their life, this bright, cheerful locker design is for you. The trick to making your locker colorful without going overboard is to pick one main color. For example, we used 60 percent teal decor, while the remaining 40 percent was balanced with other bright hues. This will add a cohesive yet fun look to any drab locker.

LED Lights

Battery-operated twinkle lights are a must-have for any colorful and whimsical locker. These are hung with clear, adhesive hooks that come with removable sticky tabs. Hide the battery pack in the bottom of your locker, and string the lights up in a random pattern.

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Temporary Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is very easy to find. Here, I used a fun teal dot pattern to cover the inside of the door and the back of the locker.

Simple Storage

Think outside of the box when organizing your locker. This small set of drawers is perfect to gather all of the things that may end up at the bottom of your locker, like earbuds, tickets, keys and extra pencils.

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Upgraded Notebooks

If you love color then you definitely need colorful binders. Basic white binders are upgraded with strips of neon masking tape and strips of cardstock.

Mini Notebooks

Mini notebooks are the perfect size for the inside of your locker. They're great to write quick notes to friends or write down a to-do you don't want to forget. Buy a pack of strong, tiny magnets to attach things to your locker while keeping a modern aesthetic.

Dressed-Up Erase Board

Take a simple magnetic wipe-off board and make it your own by decorating it with washi tape. Need a place for your markers? Hot-glue small magnets onto the lids. They'll stick right on your locker and be within reach at all times.

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DIY Pencil Boxes

These pen and cell phone storage containers were upcycled from food boxes. The pen cup was a granola bar box, and the cell phone holder was a spaghetti box. You can personalize these to any size and shape that you need for all of your school supplies.

Make It: Cut any cardboard box into the size you need, then cover it with patterned paper. (It’s just like wrapping a present with one end open.) Glue a magnet onto the back.

Locker #2: Monochromatic Style

For the student who prefers modern minimalism, this chic black-and-white locker is full of DIY ideas to increase your productivity and organization. It's easy to shop for because anything that's black or white will coordinate with this look. A bunch of white binders, black notebooks and a few patterns here and there will perfectly pull this style together.

Polka-Dot Stickers

Removable, vinyl polka dots create a whimsical interior for your locker. Stick on the dots in a random pattern for a fun decor idea that no one else will have in their school space.

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Chalkboard Contact Paper

Use removable chalkboard contact paper to create a useful space inside your locker door for notes and lists. Washi tape creates lines for your to-do list. Each week, create your to-do list for Monday through Friday using the chalk.

Chalk Cup

You’re going to need somewhere to put all of that chalk for your locker chalkboard. A white, magnetic cup is the perfect solution.

Daily Calendar

Update a simple magnetic wipe-off board by creating a frame with black & white washi tape. It’s now a personalized and one-of-a-kind place for your weekly assignments.

DIY Photo Display

Create an instant photo display by spray-painting clothespins and gluing magnets on the back.

Decorated Bin

Simple, plastic bins are great for catching all of your school supplies. Make it match your locker with a few pieces of black masking tape. Instant upgrade!

Locker #3: Chic Metallics

Make yourself smile every time you open your locker by decorating it with gold and silver accessories that are practical and super cool. And no metallic locker is complete without disco balls! Removable adhesive hooks will easily and quickly hang two disco balls from the ceiling of your locker.

Duct Tape Stripes

Create a fun, striped pattern on the inside of your locker with silver and gold duct tape. Accent the wide stripes with a few thin stripes of gold glitter tape.

Mini Cork Boards

Take a regular piece of corkboard and cut it into small squares. Use double-stick tape to attach the cork board to the inside of your locker. Pin notes from friends and assignment reminders. It’s even better when you use fun, metallic push pins. Plus, a few push pins can double as hooks for keys.

Magnetic Clips

A bag of metal magnetic clips are an easy way to organize the inside of your locker. Use these budget clips to hold onto lunch money, ear buds, hair ties and more.

Alphabet Letters

Yes, alphabet letters were originally made for babies. But a coat of gold spray paint makes them the coolest accessory for your locker. Spell out your name and a few of your favorite sayings.

Pen Container

This suction cup container is made for the bathroom, but with a coat of gold spray paint and a few extra-strong magnets, it becomes the perfect place to gather loose change and extra pens.

Catch-All Bin

A white bin is used without the lid to create a catch-all spot for all those little knick-knacks that usually get lost at the bottom of your locker. Make it match all the metallic goodness that’s going on with a few strips of shiny duct tape.


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