Here's everything you need to know as an amateur beer drinker

Beer for Beginners

Beer may be delicious to drink but it's not the easiest to understand.

Let's start with the basics. Beer is made from yeast, hops, barley and water.

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There are two types of beer: lagers and ales. Lagers are created when yeast ferments at lower temperatures and stays at the bottom. Ales are created when yeast ferments at higher temperatures and floats to the top.

That's not all - there are many different styles of lagers and ales.

Here are a few types of lagers:

Originally brewed in the Czech Republic, this crisp beer is a pale golden color with a floral aroma and smooth finish.

Despite the name, these beers are brewed in March. They have a rich copper color and toasty flavor.

These brown colored beers can be stronger than your typical lager. They feature a malty flavor with a light bitterness for balance.

These are also a few types of ales:

Dark in color, porters tend to be an easy drinking beer with undertones of coffee or chocolate.

Despite popular belief, porter beers and stouts are not the same. This beer has a more full-bodied flavor. With hints of coffee and chocolate, it can also feature notes of caramel. Stouts also use unmalted roasted barley during the brewing process to acquire a darker hue.

Pale Ale
Traditionally copper in color, this beer is a balanced flavor of malt and hops and can often feature fruity undertones.

India Pale Ale
IPAs are typically light amber in color. They have a hoppy aroma and extremely bitter flavor profile.

Wheat beers are pale in color with citrus or fruity undertones. A lemon, lime or orange makes for the perfect garnish to bring out these flavor notes.

Now that you're a beer expert -- next time you hit the bar, try something new.

Check out the best beers in America:

Most popular beer in America 2016
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Most popular beer in America 2016

1. Samuel Adams (13.4)

Photo credit: Getty

2. Budweiser (11.4)

Photo credit: Getty 

3. Redd's Apple Ale (9.5)

Photo credit: Instagram

4. Bud Light (9.1)

Photo credit: Shutterstock

5. Heineken (8.0)

Photo credit: Shutterstock

7. Stella Artois (7.9)

Photo credit: Getty

8. Dos Equis (7.1)

Photo credit: Getty

9. Guinness (6.9)

Photo credit: Shutterstock

10. Blue Moon (6.9)

Photo credit: Getty


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