Behold the $11 dinosaur print handbag that caused an uproar at the White House

Behold The $11 Handbag That Caused An Uproar at the White House

By: Susana Victoria Perez

The White House and the Obamas host fancy State Dinners all the time.

These are typical events where celebrities and world leaders get all dressed to the nines and look flawless.

Well, it turns out celebrities are more like us than we may have realized, and they know a good outfit doesn't need to break the bank.

Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's wife, Ho Ching, decided to keep her outfit quirky and on a budget.

The pair are currently visiting Washington on a State Visit. Upon arriving at the White House, Ho Ching's style has stolen the limelight.

She chose to rock an amazing denim blue dinosaur print pouch as her handbag at the arrival ceremony this week. It looked awesome!

No, the bag isn't Prada's newest must-have accessory. It was actually designed by a 19-year-old student from Pathlight School in Singapore, which is the country's first autism-focused school.

The bag totals to be 15 Singapore dollars, which equates to roughly 11 American dollars.

Online sales for the bag have skyrocketed since it was photographed, and it's only available for pre-order at the moment.

Move over, Birkin.

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