5 tips for getting wrinkle-free clothes without an iron

5 Tips for Getting Wrinkle-Free Clothes Without an Iron
5 Tips for Getting Wrinkle-Free Clothes Without an Iron

Imagine a perfect world where you don't have to whip out the ironing board every single morning before getting dressed.

Now, step out of your imagination and make this a reality by following five easy tips that will give you wrinkle-free clothes, totally iron-free!

According to the Daily Mail, throwing an ice cube into the dryer with your clothes will work wonders. The ice dissolves from the heat, creating steam and doing the work of an iron.

Make sure to get the right detergent, too. Believe it or not, using the right detergent for your machine in just the right amount can make a world of difference.

Also important: remember to sort your clothes. It may be a pain, but taking the time to separate clothes that dry at the same temperature will lead to significantly less wrinkles.

Confused on how to sort? Read the fine print on the label! Or, call mom.

While you're working taking just a few extra steps, avoid being lazy and be sure to hang your clothes up right after they come out of the dryer. This will take most of the wrinkles out.

The most fun step you can take: keep the lint vent clean! A dryer full of lint can not only make the clothes dirty, but it can also keep them from getting a proper dry.

Plus, the lint is so fun to peel off!

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