Mother wakes up to find burglar in bedroom, charges him

'I Just Charged Him': Mother Wakes Up To Find Burglar In Bedroom

BEREA, Ohio (WJW) -- The FOX 8 I-Team has learned a young mother woke up in the middle of the night to find a prowler looking down at her, and investigators are turning to FOX 8 to try to solve the case.

A burglar broke into a home on a quiet street in Berea behind the high school, and a mother of four woke up as the man stood above her in her bedroom with a flashlight. She screamed and jumped up, spooking him, and he ran off.

However, the thief got away with money, credit cards and computer equipment. And investigators believe he likely has done the same thing before, or he will do it again.

Berea Police say within the hour, the man used the stolen credit cards. And you can see the suspect and his vehicle caught on camera at a convenience store in Cleveland.

Police are hoping you might recognize the man or his vehicle. They say they've taken fingerprints and done other investigating, but they have no leads.

Detective Dennis Bort said, "Your Hollywood version of a burglary. A lady home alone with young children. Someone crawls in through a window. Not the common scenario. You're more likely to have a daytime burglar than a nighttime. But the nighttime ones are particularly dangerous."

The victim told the I-Team, "I just charged him and hoped for the best. And then he ran. mother's instinct, I guess. I wanted to protect my babies."

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