MLB player forced to part ways with his insanely fat cat

Mustard Minute: A film noir of Matt Duffy's cat Skeeter alone and sad

When the San Francisco Giants traded Matt Duffy to the Tampa Bay Rays, the infielder was forced with a decision to leave his fat cat behind. Apparently, it's too hot in Florida for the massive feline.

Meet Skeeter:

Photo: Instagram, @duffcat35

It's very sad news for many reasons. Obviously it's never fun to separate a pet from its owner, but Skeeter seems especially irreplaceable.

Photo: Instagram, @duffcat35

The famous cat has over 14,000 followers on his Instagram account. Fans love him – and the Rays were even willing to welcome him into the program:

At least Skeeter is staying in the family. We'll miss you on Instagram, @duffcat35!

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