Good Samaritans save dog from second-story ledge

Good Samaritans Step In To Help Dog Trapped On Second-Story Ledge

MONTOURSVILLE, Pa. (WNEP) -- Folks eating at a cafe in Montoursville got quite the shock when they saw a dog across the street trapped on a ledge 15 feet above the ground. Some of those people eating breakfast jumped into action and rescued the pup.

Sharon Goss expected to see her friends at Mel's Cafe in Montoursville Wednesday morning, but she wasn't expecting to see a dog trapped outside a window when she looked out across the street.

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"We see this and I'm like, 'there's a dog on a ledge over there!' And so we are all looking, because it's the second floor. We're not sure how it got there, but there it was," said Sharon Goss.

Jack, a 3-year-old Husky mix was trapped out on the ledge by himself. He had nowhere to go.

"We were really afraid the dog was going to jump," said Goss.

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Dog rescued from second-story balcony
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Dog rescued from second-story balcony

Rescuers step in to save pup stuck on ledge

(Photo credit: WNEP)

Rescuers step in to save pup stuck on ledge

(Photo credit: WNEP)

Rescuers step in to save pup stuck on ledge

(Photo credit: WNEP)

Rescuers step in to save pup stuck on ledge

(Photo credit: WNEP)

Rescuers step in to save pup stuck on ledge

(Photo credit: WNEP)


Sharon and some of her friends snapped pictures as two men who were also eating at the café jumped into action by pulling their plumbing and heating van onto the sidewalk.

"The one climbed on to the top and picked the dog up. The little dog was wagging like mad then," said Goss.

That ledge is about 15 feet above the sidewalk and about as wide as a hand, from the tip of your finger to the bottom of your palm. There wasn't much room for Jack to move around.

"Yeah, 8 inches, about 7 and a half. That is crazy," said Jodun.

Rebecca Jodun was at work when her dog, Jack escaped onto the ledge. She got a call from the SPCA.

"I was beyond myself I had no idea what to think or what to do," said Jodun.

Rebecca said Jack escaped through a crack in the window next to the air conditioner.

"He must of just pushed this and it just came undone from these little things right here," said Jodun, referencing the unit. "What do you think he was doing out on the window? Chasing pigeons probably," she continued.

"It was just very heartwarming that people jumped into action," said Goss.

"That was serious, I want to meet them. I want to thank them. I don't think I can thank them enough," said Rebecca Jodun.

Jack's owner sent Newswatch 16 video of Jack jumping over an 8 foot high wall a few years ago when he lived in Arizona.

We reached out to the men who saved the dog but weren't able to speak with them. As for Jack, his owner says he won't be allowed in the room with the air conditioner when he's home alone.

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