Why wealthier homes may attract more kinds of bugs

Why Wealthier Homes Have More Kinds of Bugs

Chances are, if you live in a sprawling McMansion with your family, you have more roommates than you think.

They're just tinier.

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New research suggests wealthier homes have more kinds of bugs because of the "luxury effect."

Think about it.

The lush, landscaped gardens in well-to-do neighborhoods allow wildlife to thrive, and since those nice plants are right outside your door, insects will often make their way in.

Researchers from the California Academy of Sciences sampled 50 randomly selected homes in Raleigh, North Carolina, from low to high end.

Sampling each room took around half an hour.

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They found wealthier homes had an average of 100 types of insects and spiders, compared to 50 types in less expensive homes. That's even when the size of the homes were taken into account.

Research suggests it may be because wealthier homes often have larger yards with more plant species, which support more creepy crawlers.

You can rest easy knowing that many of the species are completely harmless.

One more thing, researchers say even homes that looked spotless still had lots of insects.

Nothing like home, sweet insect, home!

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