Parents outraged by new high standards for kindergarten

5 Kindergarten Lessons All Adults Should Remember
5 Kindergarten Lessons All Adults Should Remember

If you ever think "it's so easy, a five-year-old could do it," get ready to raise your standards.

Redditor hatcher1981 shared a photo of the new requirements necessary to start kindergarten at her local school, and the internet has been freaking out.

"I have failed to prepare my son for kindergarten," the mom from Chattanooga, Tennessee said in her caption.

Reddit users freaked out, especially about the requirement of knowing 30+ letters.

Cyclops2015 said that was impossible since there are only 26 letters, but chargoggaggog pointed out they might be counting capital letters, which means there are 52 total, but hatcher1981 fired back to say that it would essentially that different fonts are different letters.

Another requirement that came under fire was the one that said they must be able to follow two step instructions.

The same point was made over and over again -- some adults can't even manage that.

One teacher, Reddit user kaymp, said there's a good reason standards are so high:

As a teacher, formerly kindergarten, the kids that come in are on SO many different levels. Like a kid who couldn't talk or write his name to a kid who could read on a fourth grade level.

A lot of people are saying the teacher is lazy, but he/she is most likely not saying they have to know all of these or the parent is responsible for these. It is extremely helpful to your child if the teacher has a good idea about where the child is starting. In the older grades, there's past data and usually some kind of student portfolio. In Kinder there is NOTHING. When a parent fills this out it would be TREMENDOUSLY helpful and save time! I didn't ever do something like this, but I can say it would take me probably a week or two best case to figure all of this out about every student.

Granted the wording probably isn't best, but knowing the standards (common core or others)- this is not required entering into kindergarten any where that I know of. It is just to get a good idea about where the child stands just to help the teacher out a little.

Also, 30 letters means capital and lower case, as others have mentioned.

Should kindergarten really have so many requirements?

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